Helping Unitron elevate their life-enhancing hearing care experiences by bringing them to life.


Unitron are a proud provider of life-enhancing hearing care experiences that they promise you’ll love. Part of the diverse Sonova brand family, Unitron's mission is to revolutionise the entire hearing care journey with a stand out solution that enables the most flexible, empowering and easy hearing care experience. Ever.

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Services I provided
- User experience design
- Wireframe & prototype design
- Information architecture
- Heuristic analysis
- Competitor analysis
- Concept Application design

The client

Unitron support hearing care professionals and clients through every stage of the hearing care journey. From the first fitting to adapting to future needs, data-driven performance tracking helps create an empowering, optimized and accurate listening experience.

Unitron are a company who are committed to developing technologies, services and programs that offer extraordinary levels of personalization. Everything they do is founded on the belief that people should feel really good about the entire hearing care experience, start to finish.

How did I help?

Unitron's mobile application and digital experience needed a redesign inline with their recent brand revamp. They wanted to bring to the fore their sense of warmth, emotion and the real connection to their customers that you don’t typically see in the hearing solutions industry.

I developed a series of Experience Principles, and delivered a strong design concept for Unitron's mobile application, that aligned with the new brand identity, and stands out among their competitors within the industry. 


A new look and feel

With the help of Unitron's new brand slogan 'Love the Experience',  the direction of the newly refreshed Brand Identity design communicates a joyful, energetic and down to earth approach, allowing it to move away from the often 'medical jargon & sterilised clinical feel' that you often get from medical experiences.

The brand photography performs a great job in supporting that ethos, focused on fun & natural lifestyle imagery that communicates that you can enjoy your everyday experiences with Unitron, regardless if you depend on a hearing solution or not.


To kick-start the project, I performed an audit of Unitron's brand documents and guidelines, recent marketing campaigns, any relevant research conducted previously, competitor analysis, best in class examples as well as a heuristic evaluation of Unitron's current mobile app experience.

Brand position

To get a better understating of Unitron's perception and position within the market, we studied the global & local hearing solutions device industry and mapped the needs of different stakeholders involved in the value chain.

This helped establish the brand’s positioning, value propositions and guiding principles that align with their business vision.

Experience principles

During my audit and report, I developed a series of Experience Principles that would further support Unitron with the ongoing delivery of digital experiences following this project.

I conducted a remote workshop with several key stakeholders to gather insights and to help shape and define these principles, that were based on the brand's character and values.

"Without the need for a dedicated UX design phase - I delivered a complete design overhaul of the existing Remote Plus mobile application, pushing the envelope of the brand and project"
"Without the need for a dedicated UX design phase - I delivered a complete design overhaul of the existing Remote Plus mobile application, pushing the envelope of the brand and project"
Early design concepts

Following the initial research and analysis phase, I began the design process by creating a series of mood boards that were based elements from the new brand, but explorations that also remained true to the experience principles that we had developed with the Unitron team.

One of Unitron's strongest brand elements that was being rolled out and used extensively to various applications, was their bold & energetic 'Colourscape', displaying three bold brand colours that were being executed across print & marketing campaigns as of the new brand roll out.

Design challenge

After much exploration, one challenge that I kept facing was executing the main three colours (orange, blue, yellow) and gradients within the 'Colourscape' in a harmonious way, that not only represented the brand, but pushed it forward in way that allowed for a successful digital execution.

Sound to colour

After much deliberation, and once I finally took a step away from the drawing board, I began to explore the idea of sound synesthesia (or chromesthesia), which allowed me to really enhance the experience, by allowing users to visually see sound through the movement of colour.

Within the field of Sound synesthesia, colour is to light exactly what pitch and tone are to sound. Both higher and lower frequencies shift towards specific colours within the electromagnetic spectrum, and several frequencies of sound at the same time are known to be the acoustical analog to a rainbow.


The result

The visual language exhibits movement while instilling transparency. A mix between the bold gradients and subtle organic shapes, clean typography, and a clear grid structure, this is a mature, energised evolution. The darker, richer colours evoke trustworthiness. Layers add depth, communicating a sense of transparency, trust, and openness.
Throughout the identity and interactive experience, the idea of dynamic movement conveys sound to mimic the environment and experience of feature management.

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