Re-imagining Unum's new website with a fresh design and robust user experience

Revitalising the website and brand for a next-gen investment company.


Services I provided
- User experience design
- Wireframe & prototype design
- Information architecture
- Content audit 
- Competitor analysis
- Website design
- Design system

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The client

Unum are a leading employee benefits provider that offers expert health and wellbeing support, who specialise in financial protection such as income protection, sick pay insurance, critical illness cover and life insurance through the workplace.

Unum help employers give their workers employee benefits. From ensuring financial protection and providing medical and vocational rehabilitation, to supporting wellbeing in the workplace, they help to give them and their employees peace of mind, when they need it most.

The challenge

The Unum team engaged Digital Detox to help them create a new design system and overhaul their digital experience to elevate their identity, strengthen their connection to customers, grow their direct-to-consumer revenue, and reflect the level of care and detail they put into their services & relationships.

The solution

Acting as an extension of Unum's team, I worked to design, test and iterate different UX and UI solutions for each of their customer types.

As well as addressing the navigation structure, information architecture, and content modules, I also introduced a new design language to primary pages, allowing us to modernise the look and feel of the site whilst staying faithful to the familiar Unum brand.


Design Strategy & Planning

Research started by analysing the market, competitors and identifying Unum's current position. I analysed quantitative information about how people were using the website. This included audience data, retention and referral data, user behaviour, and examining standard user flows and conversion points.

We collaborated to set new objectives, benchmarks, and KPIs, as well as conducted qualitative and quantitative research to inform our strategy moving forward.



I carried out both user and team interviews to better understand why and how people are using Unum, to identify and understand its audiences, and what was most important for them. 

This groundwork helped us to define target personas. These personas allowed us to better respond to each customer's different challenges and highlight what Unum does better than it's competitors. Through our findings, we identified opportunities and enhancements that could greatly improve the overall customer experience and facilitate the progression from newcomer to loyalist.


Unum's tired old website was failing to communicate their rich set of services.

Key Insights

Based on the research, I defined a series of key insights for Unum to improve the overall user experience. I redefined the website structure and navigation, pricing model, presentation of product capabilities, and core product message.

In order to establish a more engaging product we reimagined the navigational structure to prioritise the various users needs and ambitions.

"In order to establish a more engaging product we reimagined the navigational structure to prioritise the various users needs and ambitions."
"I looked to create a design system that allowed for a degree of flexibility and growth, aligning to the design language that is premium, accessible and contemporary"

Some of the key 'high fidelity' wireframes I designed that were used for content strategy and prototyping

Iterative design

The new design language is built through a modular system of components that give the brand team a framework to evolve and scale their experience through consistency and context.

From our colour palette to typography selections, our goal was to improve readability, emphasise focus, and visually mirror the amazing human to human service that Unum provides.


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